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Welcome to the club!

On the west coast of Corsica, south of the city of Ajaccio and a few kilometers from Napoleon Bonaparte airport, is our diving club Agosta Plongée (Agosta Diving), within the Hotel Agosta-Plage (Agosta-Beach).

Agosta Plongée is one-of-its-kind service in a friendly and family environment, in compliance with diving rules of the art. A welcoming team and above all, your journey with us will remain for ever.


Agosta Plongée offers you the famous Initiation, the first descent into the World of Silence. All Initiations are done on a rocky site located a stone's throw from the beach. It is also possible to consider an Initiation from the boat for a different experience. Back on land, a diving diploma will be issued to you, which will especially delight children from 8 years old.

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Courses are provided by our state-certified instructors and all delivered certifications will be valid worldwide.


Come and dive with us to discover the magnificence of Ajaccio's Bay depths.
We only dive on the most beautiful spots where you will enjoy sea life and the typical steep rifts.
Our guides will be thrilled to share their knowledge about this outstanding environment.


Initiation (From 8 years old - One instructor/diver - 0 to 6 meters) Prices
Standard (20 minutes) 65€
XL (30 minutes – Notify us when booking) 90€
XXL (40 minutes – Notify us when booking) 120€
Photos and videos (Notify us when booking) 25€
The Dive
Services Prices
No Equipment Provided 39€
Tank Provided 43€
Tank + Regulator or BCD (jacket) provided 47€
Tank + Regulator + BCD (jacket) provided 51€
Full Equipment Provided (without computer) 55€
Computer Rental 5€
5 Dives Pass
Services (all extra dive will be at "pass" price) Prices
No Equipment Provided 185€
Tank Provided 205€
Tank + Regulator or BCD (jacket) provided 215€
Tank + Regulator + BCD (jacket) provided 243€
Full Equipment Provided (without computer) 260€
10 Dives Pass
Services (all extra dive will be at "pass" price) Prices
No Equipment Provided 350€
Tank Provided 387€
Tank + Regulator or BCD (jacket) provided 423€
Tank + Regulator + BCD (jacket) provided 459€
Full Equipment Provided (without computer) 500€
Services (Diving logbook and passport is on the house!) Prices
Level 1 (5 technical dives, gear loan included) 360€
Technical requalification (1 technical dive for level 1) 70€
Level 2 (10 technical dives, gear loan included) 690€
40m (120ft) Supervised Certification (4 technical dives, gear loan included) 280€
20m (60ft) Autonomous Certification (6 technical dives, gear loan included) 430€
40m (120ft) Autonomous (not proposed) N/C
Level 3 (10 courses dives, gear loan included, federation membership and EFR not included) 750€
Diving EFR Certification (Diving Emergency First Response Certification) 130€
Diving EFR Certification (from Level 1 or equivalent) 100€
FFESSM license 70€

For level 1 divers who have not dive for a long time.
Accessible from level 1.

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Contact us:

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+33 6 20 90 22 30


Agosta Plongée
Hôtel Agosta Plage
20 166 Grosseto – Prugna
France (Corse)